Mercenaries media is a project created by media technologists

We are aware of the power of media, since we have been involved in the “propaganda machine” for a long time. The editorial policy forces us not to share our opinion, but rather to write what is necessary in order to manipulate the public consciousness by politicians and corporations that pay us.

Politicians, transnational corporations, public organizations, environmentalists, Christians, Muslims, pagans and many other communities publish a lot of information with the help of professional journalists and authors daily, in order to win you over to their side. Assumptions are presented as facts, facts are distorted and readers are subjected to information manipulation. This is done to achieve the desired emotion: anger, fury or joy at the next military victory, emerging conflict, crisis or catastrophe.

This project is our opportunity to write about what we really think, without relying on someone else’s opinion. We are not going to tell you the “truth”… as there is no truth today. Instead we will try to provide you with raw facts to make you think. You will be able to find the grains of truth in the ocean of rumors, fake analysis, implausible analytics and other manifestations of information manipulation.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you work in media, you can separate the wheat from the chaff and you disagree with the imposed editorial policy and restrictions on the permitted positions on the coverage of events. The more we come together, the stronger we become.